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Deposits and withdrawals are made through PAYEER.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DoggyBux?
DoggyBux is the earning of real money by visiting advertising sites.

How it works?
Register an account and log into your account
You can start earning in the section: "View Ads".
Click on any ad and wait for the download timer to complete.
After confirming the captcha by matching the characters to your balance credited money!
As soon as your account balance reaches the minimum threshold, you can order a payment.

Can I have more than one account on
No, having more than one account is prohibited and if the system sees both accounts will be banned to find out the reasons.

Can I earn money from referrals whom I have invited?
Yes, you will receive money for the actions of your referral from viewing ads
We pay 10% of charges for each viewing of the link of the highest invited.

Where can I find my referral link and promotional materials?
Click "Referrals" in your personal account you will find your referral link.

Can I see the same ad several times a day?
Yes. You can see the same ad every hour, throughout the day, as long as the ad has visits available.

What does mean the "Unique" check field by adding an ad?
When you are adding an ad you can check the "Unique" field so that visits for that ad are unique. That is, the ad will receive a single visit for each user.

What payment processor is used at
The processor used on our site, for both deposits and withdrawals, is Payeer. If you do not have a Payeer account, you can create one from here.

What is the minimum threshold for ordering payment?
The minimum threshold for ordering payment is $1. Payment takes place automatically.

How can I advertise (link / website) on
Just log in to your account and at the top of your personal account you will see "Advertise".

Sometimes, after viewing an advertisement, the number doesn't appear to complete the captcha.
Please reload the page and the number to resolve the captcha will appear.